Chandradip Investment and properties limited

Chandradip Investment and Properties Limited is a child concern of the Saydon Group since 2009. Chandradip Investment and Properties Limited (the “company”), was incorporated in 2009 as a Private Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1913. In 2009 the company was registered itself with RJSC. 

The company is the pioneer as well as the only Private Limited Company in the country in Real Estate Business under the private sector. Chandradip Investment and Properties Limited is one of the earliest members of the REHAB Association, the central body for private sector developers in Bangladesh. It was formed under the leadership of Mr. Mamun Billah to reduce the housing problems of Dhaka city. It started its work by successfully implementing a project of building 10 houses in Keraniganj, Dhaka, and acquiring 10 acres of land. It’s vision is to provide low-cost housing to the residents of Bangladesh. Within a short span of time it turned out to be one of the most trusted company in the housing sector.

The company started operations by developing real estate mostly within Dhaka, the capital of the country and subsequently it has started to build shopping malls and apartment outside the capital. It regularly takes part in REHAB real estate fairs, both at home and abroad, and experiences sell-out performances. 

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